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Support for Iraqi Christians

RE: Support for Iraqi Christians

 14 / 1 / 2011


Mr. Hamid Murad, President of The Iraqi Human Rights Society U.S.A., met with Mr. Laurent Wauquiez, First Secretary at the France Consulate General in Erbil, Iraq

At the onset of this meeting, Mr. Murad praised France’s position toward the treatment of the Christian Iraqi people, specially after the event that occurred at The Lady of Deliverance Church. Mr. Murad also noted France’s role in urging the members of the European Union to condemn these continued attacks against Christians by terrorists

Mr. Murad asked France to support the rights of the Christian people in Iraq, and its neighboring territories, through several missions including the following

Development of provinces

Immediate humanitarian assistance for displaced people-

Procuring further cooperation with Human Rights Associations and Civil Society Organizations to better develop the implementation of Iraqi Human Rights

Establishing concepts of Law and Human Rights-

Exchanging of experiences-

 Facilitating conferences and workshops-

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