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Appeal about the Iraqi demonstrations

– His Excellency the President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump.

– His Excellency General Secretary of the United Nations, Mr. António Guterres.

– Human Rights Council at the United Nations / Geneva.

– The European Union Human Rights.

– Human Rights Watch.

– Amnesty International.

Regarding / Iraqi demonstrations

We are the Iraqi Human Rights Society in the United States of America was founded in 1999 aimed at defending the Legitimate rights of Iraqi citizens.

We would like to show you the seriousness of the situation of Iraqi demonstrators in Baghdad and nine other provinces who are calling for public reforms to their country, Since October first and until today the security forces have been using excessive violence and practiced serious violations to human rights, The government forces had fired Tear gas bombs, hot water cannons and fired real bullets, their clashes with demonstrators included beatings with batons, electric Tasers, deployment of snipers and  arrest of patriots and activists in protests. These are serious violations of the Iraqi Constitution, world norms and international ethical codes and covenants.

These repressive tactics have led to the killing of (351) people, Injuring (11.298 ) and the arrest of (1200 ) activists.

We hope that you will intervene to protect the peaceful demonstrators and stop the violence and the bloodshed in Iraq.

With respect

The Iraqi Human Rights Society U.S.A

November 12, 2019

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