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Civil society organizations meet Iraqi Human Rights Society

Civil society organizations meet

 Iraqi Human Rights Society




The group of civil society organizations met with Mr. Hamid Murad, President of the Iraqi Human Rights Society in the United States in the city of Erbil. The heads of this group included: Dr. Meyer, President of the Foundation Education and Outreach \ Baghdad – Fatima Kanani, President of the Masters of Humanity \ Baghdad – Mr. Hadi Hassan Shouikh, President of Assyria for Development and Human Rights  from Wasit – Mr. Hussein Shammari, President of Golden Sail Humanity – Mr. Falah al-Yaseen, Head of the tributaries of the good youth, Dhi Qar – Hassan Alwan, President of the Women and Children \ Wasit –  Mr. Hazim Amer-Shammari, the Organization for Women and Children – Mr. Talal Amer Kazim, Chairman of the Emergence of Development and Economic Development \ Wasit – and Mr. Malik Jabbar Kadhim President of Prosperity for the Family and Child Welfare

During the meetings that took place over two days, those present talked about the comprehensive civil society organizations and the active role of organizations in building national, constitutional institutions, and the new democratic order

It was agreed to create networks, councils, or committees of coordination between the different organizations to facilitate the communication and to carry out conferences for the exchange of information, reports, and studies.It was also stressed to appeal to the whole state and itsinstitutions to support the rights of Iraqi citizens.

 Iraqi Human Rights Society U.S.A

October 13, 2011


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